Is windows 11 is good for gaming? Thats a very obvious question and with a very obvious answer, And the answer is the windows 11 is good for gaming if you have a high performance windows 11 PC, great clock speed, more number of CPU cores, Type of graphics card installed, how much is the RAM ( Random Access Memory), How much space your PC have, whether you are using a normal rotating hard disk or a SSD or NVME ROM(Read only memory). These are some of the things that determine if the windows 11 PC is good for gaming or not.

Advancement of gaming

But as the gaming industry is evolving along with computing power of computers, games are getting better and better with a very fast pace, Also the new operating systems are designed to be in league of these amazing games to be played, and as Windows 11 is the latest of the Windows, we can expect it to be the best for gaming and a best choice to use for gamers.

Windows 11 Features

Windows 11 is not only good for gaming, its is very advanced in every way possible, also it is so versatile and comes with lots of advanced hardware to be connected with like better graphics card, better availability of screen resolution and so on.


I believe with the advancement of gaming and being the superpower in computer industry, Windows 11 has done so well and is certainly a great Operating System for gamers and gaming.


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